How Technology Has Revolutionised Education

With technology continuing to infiltrate each and every corner of our lives, education is one of the latest industries to be impacted by a number of emerging trends in the tech world. With the movement showing no signs of slowing down, it is set to change the ways in which we learn and interact with others in the classroom. Continue reading to find out how technology has revolutionised education in recent years.

Increased interactivity

When it comes to learning, interactivity is key. While traditional textbooks are unlikely to be replaced any time soon, they fail to offer the same level of interactivity as their digital counterparts. In recent years, computers, laptops, and even smartphones have been introduced to assist with learning on a virtual scale. As a result, students can interact and engage with learning material in more ways than ever before. Homework assignments can also now be downloaded at home or on the go so the learning experience can continue wherever or whenever they may be.

Accurate attendance and punctuality monitoring

Attendance and punctuality are key determining factors of a student’s success during their time at school. By incorporating technology, schools can learn to monitor attendance and punctuality more accurately and efficiently. For example, by issuing each student with a personalised smart card, staff can keep track of when and where they enter the building. With a considerable number of hours wasted each year on timekeeping, the implementation of smart cards can save precious time, effort, and money for staff members in the long run. It can also contribute towards greater safety and security at school with each student accounted for at all times.

Tailored assessments

Technology can be utilised to aid assessments in a number of ways. By giving teachers the opportunity to design assessment criteria to cater to the needs and requirements of each individual student, children can learn at a pace that suits them. Technology can also enable real-time feedback so lessons can be repeated or adjusted as necessary going forward. This can lead to a greater understanding of teaching material and better grades in the long run.

Simplified lesson preparation

As well as benefiting students, technology has also had a positive impact on teaching. Whilst teachers can never and should never be replaced, technology should be viewed as an extension of the teaching experience as a whole. It can simplify lesson preparation by allowing teachers to plan ahead and create lessons that enrich students’ minds and are in line with their current needs and education levels. It can also enable teachers to plan assessments ahead of time and carry out their job using a wide range of technological capabilities and methods.

Technology has had a dramatic impact on the learning experience as we know it. With education now benefitting from a variety of technological advances, it has revolutionised the ways in which we teach and learn on a global scale. For example, as well as increased interactivity, it also allows for accurate attendance and punctuality monitoring, tailored assessments, and simplified lesson preparation.

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