Major pros and cons of MacBook pro 14 and 16, an overview 

In the tech world, almost everyone has a craze for Apple products. When it comes to computers, no other company has a better reputation and craze than Apple. The company is coming up with quality products that are often branded as luxury products due to the work involved in the production of each item. You can have a different experience while using Mac products. Whenever a new model is introduced by the company, the market will have a shake. The customers would be ready to pay almost anything to get these laptops and computers on hand. Although you could buy directly from an Apple store, there are several companies like Tech.Trade that offers Mac products in a refurbished condition also. However, the latest buzz in the world of Mac is these latest models of MacBook Pro 14 and 16. In this article, let us look at some pros and cons of these models in brief.

Pros of MacBook 14, and 16

You should consider buying any of these laps due to the following pros.

  • You can witness the ability of mini-LED technology on these laps’ screens. You could say that these laptops have the best displays ever. Since no lap has come with this technology before even if Mac, you can name it as an advantage.
  • Both the laps are excellent when it comes to performance. Although Mac is known for better performance, the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips are doing a great job in terms of processing speed. The availability of more cores is being the reason for the fantastic performance. These laptops could even be considered for mid-level hardcore gaming purposes.
  • If you consider the portability of the laptops, the MacBook Pro 14 is highly portable due to its lower weight of around 3.5 pounds. However, the 16-inch model will also not be that much heavy to carry.
  • You have a MagSafe porting option in both these laps that allows you to the port using the magnetic force. Also, the charging speed is high for both laps.
  • The battery is awesome in both models with a life of at least 20 hours.

Cons of MacBook 14, and 16

Both of these laptops come with only a few drawbacks as follows,

    • MacBook’s known drawback of high cost continues. Although the additional features justify the increase in price from the previous edition, some may feel it is too expensive.
    • Ethernet port is unavailable on the laptops.

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