Want a Secure and Powerful VPS? Seek TIER III Certified DC

Today, power and security make the most wanted combination in the modern hosting market. Neither of those traits is separable from a high-quality server. Saving up some time for the research, IT professionals look for worldwide recognised certificates that guarantee a world-class standards meeting server. One of them is a TIER III certificate issued by the Uptime Institute. Time4VPS hosts unveil the essence of recognition and why it’s beneficial for your business.

Warranty of an Enterprise-Class Hardware

TIER III certificate could definitely be one of the essential criteria while looking for a safe and powerful Linux or Windows VPS server. Shortly, this document approves that a DC meets worldwide quality standards. More precisely, DC owners are obliged to equip the centre with enterprise-class hardware and prepare the premises according to the strict security guidelines.

TIER III certification indicates the hardware is powerful enough to keep 99,982 percent of the uptime 24/7, 365 days per year. This way, you can be calm that your data is safe and sound and your online project works fluently, with no downtime.

A Perfect Combination of Virtual and Physical Security

There is a reason why TIER III certification is considered a virtual and physical security warranty. Strict requirements are applied for both systems. Owning a certified data security centre, Time4VPS experts name a few more things worth your attention. In their DC:

  • All the components are duplicated or redundant.
  • Innovative measures are taken to secure the data from DDoS attacks (malicious traffic) and any other cybercriminals harm.
  • The data is hosted on RAID enabled array – if something happens to one, others can back it up instantly.
  • There are a few electricity sources and a few different network providers to guarantee the fluent electricity supply and constant network connection.
  • The hardware is held in the building secured from break-ins and unforeseen situations (e.g., floods or fire). Also, there is a specific level of humidity and temperature supported in the premises.

If that doesn’t sound like a full-fledged security system, then what does. Obviously, spotting a TIER III certification should increase online business owners’ trust in service. The best part is that a pro-level company certificate answers many crucial questions.

Finally, getting a TIER III certificate is not a finite goal for DC owners. Instead, it’s a choice of a constant improvement path. So, in this case, choosing a certified DC, you get world-class service and an innovative, ambitious team to support your growth.

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