Determination of vehicle speed

Sometimes in life there are times in which you need to determine the speed of your car without taking into account what your dashboard shows. There may be completely different reasons for this, the panel refuses to work, in addition, very often the speedometers lie a little about the speed.

It so happens that, watching your dashboard, you see one speed on the speedometer, but in fact it turns out to be completely different. And this is good when in fact it will be less than what is shown to you. Because if its performance is even more than five kilometers, then you can get a fine from a police officer for speeding, although in fact, you think that your speed is within the permissible norm.

It is for these reasons that the determination of the speed of a car must be able to be done in several ways.

We are all accustomed to monitoring the speed of our car using the speedometer, but sometimes it happens that it fails at the most inopportune moment and then determining the speed of the car using the method we have proposed can come to your aid. And as mentioned earlier, all speedometers can lie. Therefore, by checking it in advance, you will know the real speed of your vehicle.

To determine the real speed of your car or to understand how much your car speedometer is lying, you need to accelerate the car and maintain the same speed. In other words, you can drive out of the city so that you have the opportunity to drive at a constant speed of 90 km / h. In the event that your car has a cruise control function, you must turn it on. Now that your car is moving at a constant speed, you can begin to determine the actual speed of your movement.

An excellent assistant in this will be the iOS Speedometer App. The fact is that the application guides your car along with the satellite through the program, which means that it measures the real speed of the car, since it practically does not make mistakes.

By turning on the application, you will see the real speed of your car, since all the data that it shows, it verifies with the satellite. Thus, if the speedometer application gives your speed 85-86 kilometers per hour, and on the speedometer you will show 90 kilometers per hour, then this only means that your speedometer overestimates the real speed of the car by 4-5 kilometers.


Often we monitor the speed of our own car, so the speed of a passing car is much easier to determine than the speed of an oncoming car. However, we note that the question of determining the speed of an oncoming car today worries more and more motorists. Because the safety of their maneuvers, such as overtaking, turning, turning onto the main or secondary road, as well as for a full assessment of the situation on the road in order to react in a timely manner in the current situation, depends on this factor.

It should be noted that it is simply impossible to reliably answer the question about determining the speed of an oncoming vehicle. After all, the calculation of these indicators depends not only on weather conditions, road surface and technical condition of the transport, but also on what actions the driver will have, who is directly behind the wheel of this oncoming vehicle.

If we talk about some calculations, then the speed of the oncoming car can simply be assumed.

For example, when a truck, a large bus or a loaded car with a trailer is moving towards you, it is unlikely that the speed of such transport will exceed more than ninety kilometers per hour.

Well, in the case when a modern passenger car or minibus is driving towards you, then it is difficult to guess the possible speed. Because, having excellent technical characteristics, such cars can significantly increase their speed in just a few seconds.

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