What SEO Services Does Your Company Actually Need?

Statistics have shown that more than 90% of customers will actually research a product or service before they’ll go online to get it. It’s the reason so many people turn to professional SEO services to help them optimise their site, but it’s also the reason that when you Google a term like “SEO services London,” you get so many thousands of results. There are hundreds of SEO consulting services out there, and all of them are offering a variety of different packages that your business may or may not need. What do you actually need to better optimise your site so you can connect with more customers? This quick guide can help.

Know What’s Possible

Before you connect with an SEO services company, you’ll want to know a bit more about what’s actually possible when it comes to SEO. There are 250 different ranking factors Google takes into consideration as it decides where to place your site in organic results. These include things like your content, the backlinks you have, the user experience you offer, and more technical aspects of SEO like meta descriptions, rich snippets, and an XML sitemap. Even with all of those aspects addressed, though, SEO is still a slow ride to the top. It takes time to address all of those rankings factors, and it takes time for search engines to recrawl your site once you’ve made the necessary changes. No company offering SEO services, UK wide and beyond, is going to be able to promise you a page one ranking in thirty days or less using methods that actually work, fit with search engine guidelines, and are sustainable. It just can’t happen. If you’re looking for SEO services that will actually help your company, know that before you know anything else because spending your money to get those kinds of results is nothing short of a scam.

Think About What You Want to Achieve

Different SEO firms can do different things for your company. A firm focused on ecommerce, for instance, may improve your click-through rate and overall sales. A firm focused on technical SEO may offer you SEO audit services to identify any potential problems with your site and repair those problems. Think about your goals beyond a page one ranking. Do you want customers to stay on your site longer? Are you hoping that you’ll get more qualified traffic to your site? Do you simply want them to be able to find your locations across greater London? Knowing what you need can help you learn more about the services you’ll actually want. For example, if you’re a brick and mortar pizza shop with multiple locations, you may just need the help of local SEO services to ensure your store is appearing every time a potential customer performs a “near me” search.

Ask What’s Involved and How It Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Every SEO company you contact should have a few different packages to consider. As you think over each one, look carefully at the services listed. Know what they are and figure out how they will help you reach your goals. If, for instance, the SEO company includes page load speed optimisation, do some research to learn exactly what that is and why it’s going to keep more customers on your site for long enough to make that big purchase. Don’t hesitate to ask the team you’re considering to spell absolutely everything out for you and connect it to your overall goals. If you spot a problem, find out if they’ll eliminate it from the package and charge you less. Most companies have a custom package they can build, so it never hurts to ask.

SEO is a necessary piece of digital marketing today, and if you don’t already have a company you’re working with, the time has never been better. Despite the sometimes high price tag, most SEO companies pay for themselves over time because you’ll see serious results when they get done. Just make certain that you know what you’re paying for, how it’s going to help your company, and how you can better optimise both your site and your price at the same time.

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