Know these SEO statistics before opting for SEO link-building packages.

What would you do if allowed an opportunity to see how things you are going to opt for have worked in the past? This is the spell of statistics that not only concludes the past but somehow predicts the future. From the times of John Graunt, through the times of Sir Ronald Fisher, to the present times, statistics have been a helping hand in all the fields around. They cannot guarantee (all hail to the surprises and improbability of nature), but certainly does prove crucial in the long term. SEO comes to be no different. Surveys get done now and then to see how things have been performing around – this helps in analyzing the tactics used, improvising them accordingly, and understanding the market. Lots of SEO giants use this data to create the best possible SEO Link-Building Packages and other strategies, and the clients use it alongside to decide things about their website. Don’t get afraid of the word ‘Data’, it is a beautiful thing once you know how to use it. Here we lay down some SEO statistics for you to consider before you opt for SEO services.

Stats about searches:

  • Around 67 thousand searches are made on Google every day. This roughly sees an annual growth of 10 percent.
  • 68 percent of online surfing starts with a Google search.
  • Google covers around 92 percent of overall internet traffic through image search, google search, and google maps.
  • 69.7 percent of all search queries contain a four-word phrase or more.
  • Nearly 35% of product searches start on Google, and this would see a further search due to the rise and ease of voice search.
  • An average Google search session ends in under a minute.
  • Due to the readiness and flexibility offered by mobile phones and their ever-decreasing cost, mobile traffic constitutes around 52% of the global internet traffic.
  • One-third of people do smartphone searches prior to entering a store.
  • It was estimated that 50% of all the searches would be handled through voice by 2020 and grow gradually thereafter.

This data could be read like this: The huge search rate that goes to around 5.7 billion speaks of how the internet is going to become our second identity soon. This would mean that those higher up in the search results have a huge amount to grab before others. With the rise of voice search, it would soon be going to see a surge further up. This makes it crucial to bring a website optimized per the white hat SEO standards. It might inflict some cost at the initial stage, but later down the lanes, those bucks might get to pay back times a hundred. This makes it crucial for SEO agencies to offer quality SEO link building packages to meet the variety of demands.

Stats about SEO:

  • The content quality and the quality of its link-building have come to be the two most important factors.
  • Around 95 percent of all pages online hold no backlinks pointing to their website. This speaks of why most strive to soar high in search result rankings. Around 91% of all web pages suffer from zero organic traffic attributed to their zero back-linking.
  • Around 65 % of digital marketers have spoken of link-building to be the toughest part of SEO.
  • Nearly 58.1 percent of SEOs have accepted that backlinks dictate the web page’s rankings by much margin. They believe that its impact would go further in the future.
  • Around 28 percent of all “nearby” searches result in a purchase. This in itself speaks of how important SEO comes to be in converting potentiality into reality.
  • SEO captivates 1000 percent more traffic than direct social media influence. The SEO agencies around the globe offering SEO Link-Building Packages, from which you trustworthily buy high-quality SEO links, have accepted it to be a vital factor in a website’s growth and its organic search visits.
  • SEO leads have proven to take the close rate around 14.6 %. Close rate is the percentage of total leads that get converted.
  • 92 percent of all those searching do not go to the second search page.

By the huge number of web pages that follow no SEO (nearly 95 %), it indeed brings down some competition, but when we look at the percentage of netizens who do not step onto the second page, which is nearly 92 %, this 95 % fades down off any importance. The battlefield gets prepared for those 10 to 20 of results that appear on the very first page. This does not conclude it all, for what brings some ease and variety into it are the number of words used in the search. We all have a different mental print, and we all search for one thing differently – while some use two words for a particular thing, the other use four terms – and this gives some independence to all websites out there to use their creativity and decide for their keywords. Searches of around four words have a narrow search group than that of one word. For eg., there might be one million people searching for a red bat but one thousand searching for a red 20-inch bat, and this makes it easier for websites to grab their niche groups. The sheer 95 % of websites with no backlinks speak of why most websites get dumped down in ignorance with no organic traffic at all.

Final words about SEO statistics and how you should take them:

While the market stays in constant flux and nothing could be nailed to perfection, statistics bring ease in reading up the market and getting an understanding of it. Every year thousands of surveys get done by authorities and results get published for the public. Different survey agencies release results about SEO and the trends around it. The algorithmic updates keep on spelling their direct impact on the rankings, and while it keeps on fluctuating a website’s ranking, it works for the ultimate goal of bringing quality before those searching for help. SEO agencies try to remain updated on these changes and prepare their plans accordingly, which includes SEO tactics (including optimization, keyword research, submissions, etc.,) and various SEO Link-building packages.

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